Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Coming on August 8, 2008 ( 08.08.08) this AWESOME 88 piece kit will be available for $8.88 - Commercial Use ok!

Visit http://magicmaker-scraps.blogspot.com to learn more!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I know it's been a while since I posted. I have been working on finishing up the "Zoo Spirit" collaboration kit as well as a few other things. It's also hard to get things done during the summer since we're always on the go-go-go!

I was playing around this evening trying to make something but I goofed. However the shape was pretty interesting. It reminded me of a purse. So I took the shape and embellished it to make seven different little purses. Each one with a different color. I even have a "Fantasy Floral" purse which is just a silly little idea I had in my head to try. I'm not sure if it's good for anything, but who knows.

So here it is.... my first freebie share! YEAH!!!!

TOU (Terms of Use). You may use these purses for personal, commercial, S4H, or as a designer resource. I don't mind. However if you do use my images for anything I would be THRILLED if you could show me what you made. That would totally make my day!

To download please click here. Or you can click on the purse image above. Don't forget to leave me a comment on 4shared. It's nice to get some "love".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Official Digi-Scrap Blog

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to my official Digital Scrapbooking blog. It took me a while to get to this point, but, I'm glad to be here.

My name is Kimberly and although I'm not new to Digital Scrapbooking I am new (very new!) to creating my very own Digital Scrapbooking elements, kits and what nots. As I learn how to create my own things I will share them here as freebies you can use for your own Digital Scrapbooking projects.

I will be participating in several collaboration projects over the next few months. Each time I create a kit for the collaboration I will post my portion of the kit here on my blog for those who are interested in adding it to their collection. If you are like me I'm sure you have a HUGE collection of Digital Scrapbooking downloads. It can be addicting!

My first collaboration kit will be available August 1, 2008. It's called "Zoo Spirit" and if I'm not mistaken there are about fifty - yes - 50 very wonderful and talented ladies who will each be creating a kit based on this theme. And I can tell you from experience there are some amazingly talented ladies too! You won't be disappointed.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and every time I post a new freebie you will be notified.

If you are interested in my other blog please feel free to stop on by and check it out. I will have a lot of awesome contests coming up over the next few weeks. My other blog is She Scribes. I hope to see you there!